Sometimes we could all use a little coaching.

A kid with an audition coming up. An adult with a fear of public speaking. A drama teacher who wants to improve. Never fear! Lauren's got you covered.

Coaching for Kids

Usually coaching for kids means one thing: Getting ready for an audition! But coaching is also available to help fine-tune a performance or work on strengthening a specific skill. Though the foundation of any good audition is having the fundamental skills mastered, there are also things you may not realize a director is looking for. As her resumé shows, Lauren is an expert at auditioning, not just getting in a show, but often landing the lead role. She’ll help you hone your skills to wow the director!

Coaching for Adults

One-on-one coaching is available for adults, whether you are trying to sharpen your skill set, get some honest and objective feedback, or win an audition.


Coaching for Teachers

Why would a drama teacher need coaching? Easy. Many schools may have a math teacher who volunteered to head up the school play. Or maybe you’re a music director adding a bit of theater to a production. Lauren has extensive experience teaching teachers the ins and outs of teaching drama to kids. If you want to learn how to get the very best performance out of kids, then let Lauren show you how to draw more out of them than you ever thought possible.