Week-long camps are an amazing, immersive experience for kids of all ages and skill levels. Perfect for churches, schools, or other performing arts groups (such as dance classes), week long camps (usually in the summer) allow kids to come away with a grasp of the basics of drama. At the camp, kids will learn things like stage terminology, blocking, body technique, voice projection, how to build a character, and stage makeup. And all of this is in the context of putting on a play! Parents, relatives, and friends are invited to the performance at the end of the week, one that’s sure to make your heart burst with pride.


Camps can be tailored for the size of the group and the ages of the children. However, children must be old enough to know how to read their lines. There are a number of scripts which may be used at the camp, and the one that best fits the group will be selected. All scripts have some built-in flexibility regarding the size of the cast (for instance, three narrators may be used instead of just 1).

The organization booking the camp must also provide one adult volunteer for every 10 children who sign up. The maximum number of participants is 30.

Camps are normally 3-4 hours a day for 4 or 5 days.

Use the Contact page to inquire about price. Mrs. Webster requires a guaranteed minimum fee, with additional fees per registered child.