Lauren Webster chickened out of her first audition. Granted, she was only 6 at the time, but she remembers well how nervous it made her, and how patient and gracious her dad was, going to buy her ice cream instead. Her second audition? Well, that’s a whole different story. That first role set her life on a trajectory of being involved in the performing arts. She acted throughout school, majored in drama, and acted professionally.

But her second love has been teaching, and seeing children grow in confidence and stature as they conquer fears and step on the stage. After a number of professional acting gigs, Lauren joined the Missoula Children’s Theater, the nation’s oldest and largest children’s theater program. She toured the U.S., visiting usually smaller towns where kids’ opportunities to be involved in the performing arts were more limited. What she learned was that kids can do more – much more! – than people think. She later toured Europe with the Missoula Children’s Theater under contract with the U.S.O., teaching drama to American dependents at military bases.

Ever since then, Lauren has been involved with drama and kids. She has coached kids for auditions, run weekly classes, put on countless week-long drama camps, and even had a children’s TV show for 6 seasons, one that she created, wrote, directed, and edited.

Now living in McKinney, TX, she is bringing her encouraging, energetic style of teaching drama to the Dallas metroplex. Contact her today to schedule your next drama event!